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I walk into the bedroom, and my pink undies are pulled up into my ass…

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I walk into the bedroom, and my pink undies are pulled up into my ass crack. He comes in behind me and wraps his arms around me. Hands cupping my breasts. His fingers flick over my hardened nipples, through my short dress. When he presses himself into me, into my behind, I hitch up the hem of my dress so that he presses himself into the flesh of my ass.

He drops his pants to press himself into me. I fall forward on the bed and he climbs on behind me. Holding my hips he pushed his erect cock against me. I push back into him with my ass. He thrusts himself into me until I'm sure he's penetrated me through all of the clothes.

I feel totally in his control. I am pushed down by his weight. The sound of his moaning makes me so wet. He turns me over on my back. He climbs on top of me and surges his hips forward so that the length of his cock pushes up into the barrier of my panties that separate us.

His tongue seeks mine out. His kisses are so gentle and tender. The shape of his lips moulds into mine; I cling to him.

He pulls off my panties. He moves to go down on me but I have another idea. I get him to lie on his back and I climb on top of him, my cunt over his face. His cock is in my face but still behind his boxers. I can smell him, so pungent, and he grows so hard. I rock my hips back and forth into him, is tongue flattening over my clit and sucking on me.

I take his cock, through the shorts, into my mouth. He's so sensitive, that I think maybe it'll make a difference. He thrusts up into me. I take the whole length of him up into my mouth and I'm sucking, and pull him into me. He wants more, he can take it through the material of his shorts.

More play. More play. Oh god, I want him. Every time he touches me I get a little bit more wet. His hands on my breasts, up inside my pussy, grasping my ass to pull him closer. He finally pulls on a condom and gets to his knees. I think he's doing it to climb on top of me, but no, he gestures for me to get on my stomach. Oh yes, please. Please.

My ass goes back into him, he dips his fingers into me to seek out the hole. He fills me up. The length, the width, the entirety of his cock fills me up. I moan down into the bed and hold on as his weight pushes into me. His balls slap against my clit as he picks up the pace. Thrust, thrust, thrust. He moans and his hands are holding tightly to my ass cheeks. My cunt cinches onto him to draw him in, deep. He can't help himself. He thrusts harder. Ever time he plunges into me a groan or a cry escapes my throat. My fingers clinging to the sheets of the bed.

The hardest cock I've ever known, ever come across, is penetrating me. I can hear my wetness sliding up and down his shaft. Then he gets that tone in his voice. The tone that shares with me his growing orgasm. The anticipation. Where everything inside him gives in to the building pressure, the sensations, in his cock.

He doubles his thrusts. He's pounding into me. I push back so that each thrust is deeper and harder. I want him to cum deep inside me. I want him to explode, inside my warm centre. His voice breaks the moan barrier and is echoing around me, vibrating inside of me. He's yelling now. The strength of his hips, of his solid penis, drives into me. I clench my pussy lips.

He ejaculates. He can't wait any longer and with the deepest, hardest thrusts yet he presses the entire length of his cock inside me until he can't push anymore. Then he slides out and back in again, the entire way. I love to hear him cum, it's like a powerful wave of energy rippling out from his whole body, only further instilled by his voice.

What's even better, if it's possible, is the fact he continues to thrust, slow and long after he cums. to the point that I have to question, will he go again? Is it possible? No it's not possible for now, but he doesn't stop for a long time. Leaning in with his hips, pulling out and then leaning in again until I'm forced to stop myself from begging for more.

Gentleman M... how do I explain something that seems to have naturally come into place? That I haven't told him that I love dry humping, that to make me dripping wet, pressing himself into me from behind like that - whether I'm lying on a bed or pressed up against a wall- is something that drives me crazy. Some of my favourite foreplay, rubbing his erection up against me with nothing but my panties separating us.

I made his shorts quite wet, though, from sucking on them so long and hard. I tried to slip his whole cock into my mouth when he made me cum, 69'ing. Oh well, small things for big things. I don't think he minded.
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On September 14th, 2008 11:12 pm (UTC), curlewbay commented:
so beautiful. always love your posts. you have such a fine way of writing -- the structure builds so naturally, the closure so sure..
read it several times, letting it have its effect on me.
very glad youre doing so well :)
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On September 15th, 2008 12:32 am (UTC), darknessguard01 commented:
Very hot, dear.
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On September 15th, 2008 03:12 am (UTC), demoralyzer commented:
Very, very nice :)
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On September 15th, 2008 04:42 am (UTC), tsuji_kiri commented:
God, I've wanted to eat pussy all week and this post doesn't help. I want to spread a girl's lips and inhale her scent. Have the slickness of her arousal coat my face as I lick between her lips, letting my slowly slide from her entrance all the way to her clitoris. I want to suck her button and fuck her with my tongue. I want to hear her scream when she cums and I'd love a girl who would squirt when it all became too much. . .
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On September 15th, 2008 04:48 am (UTC), my_great_girl commented:
that was so sexy...
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On September 15th, 2008 06:38 am (UTC), boomlikethat commented:
... fucking hell, that was hot.
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