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So I have returned to enjoy some desirable and tasty sexual deviant…

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So I have returned to enjoy some desirable and tasty sexual deviant entries... and I have to go THREE PAGES before I can find a good one.

What happened to all my wonderful sex journal friends? Are they lacking like my own? Have I been isolated because I have isolated others? Sigh.

Well I suppose I shall give you a taste. It's six months now for my M and me.

Each time we come together we do something new. Last night I put my legs in a different position as I sat on his face and he tasted me, licked me, slid his fingers in side of me.

A few sex acts ago I found a position that drives him mad. And me, too.

I sit on him, and I rub his penis up and down my pussy. I'm very wet so it slides well. I tease him for a long time and watch him squirm and his face tense. It's glorious. When I clench my pussy he feels it on the tip of his cock. I recall him saying he loves it so because "that's where his penis belongs... it's his home..." i.e.: That's the way i should feel, without a condom or any protection. I think he's right.

I lift my hips and roll forward so when I slide back his cock slips up between my ass cheeks. And then back down. And suddenly the head of his cock is pressing against my clit and the most astronomical orgasm overcomes me. One that doesn't require me to use my hands, simply pushing against him. I know I'm going quickly against him and he's trying to hold it in; to control his sensations or he will cum. I love it when he bites his lips like that and his eyes squeeze shut. I love it when I hear that moaning.

I slide him inside me and tense my pussy as I slowly pull up. He flinches. He's so close. Again he slips up against my clit so that my juices are all over him. He's too close now. I work my way down his body and wrap my lips over his cock to take him in. He flinches again before his legs clench and he cums hard and hot in my mouth. I swallow it. I swallow it all.
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On February 8th, 2009 05:58 am (UTC), ming102 commented:
That's sooo beautiful. That's how I dream of you, your pussy puffy and aroused, cum on your lips and my cock so achingly hard.
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On February 8th, 2009 06:34 pm (UTC), darknessguard01 commented:
I'm about, but life's made me feel really unsexy lately, not to mention nothing new's happened on my end. :/
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On August 19th, 2012 06:26 am (UTC), beigekhakis commented:
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