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Lady · Nanette

Urging to explode

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His hands.

I was sleeping. His hands reached out to me. Fingers running along underneath the swell of my breast. He shifts against me. I'm on my back and he adjusts himself so that his cock is growing against my thigh. He likes to rub himself up against me. I like it too.

With controlled breathing so as not to wake me his fingers circle my breast. It rises up to to the peak until he reaches my nipple. Erect for him, waiting to be touched. His breathing is so closed to my ear. Hips moving forward until I can feel the hair around his cock scraping against me.

In this sleep state he grabs my hand. He places it down between us and he forces my hand to squeeze him. He parts my legs. My hips twitch a little. Very slowly his fingers circle around my mount. He pulls his fingers up, licks them and sucks them and then puts them onto me again.

Oh gosh, it doesn't take long. I moan. He's waking me. Immediately he reacts to the sound that breaks from my lips. He is so hard. When he becomes swollen, I've never felt anyone ever get that hard before. He is steel.

He's bringing me up. I can't help my cunt tightening. He's circling very slowly but right above my clit. My body trembles, and I moan more. I can't possibly express the feeling inside me. How close he is and how wet it makes me when he rubs up against me like that. His cock is sliding in and out of my hand, now tightened from it's previously slack position.

I'd go on, I know you want more. I might keep it to myself until I'm ready to climax.
* * *
What are some inexpensive ways you relax when you’re off-the-clock?

I can't get Gentleman M off my mind. Does this make sense. That's all I need right now. His mouth. His fingers stroking the small on my back.

There was a question on a quiz.

"When you think of him what comes to mind?"

Doing the dirty deed?
Kissing in the rain?
There were other options. I immediately went for doing the dirty deed. But then I thought about kissing in the rain... A gentle showering, his arms wrapping tightly around me and bringing me in close. Kissing in the rain can be erotic. Slow, lazy tongue movements and very close body proximity. My hands at the back of his neck to pull him in toward me.

I like it when he takes in that sharp breath and then exhales very gently against my lips.

That's inexpensive. Definitely off the clock.
* * *
Gentleman M is a virgin. I wasn't expecting this. It never crossed my mind. One of my questions was going to be,
"So tell me about when you lost your virginity," and just prior to asking my mind did it's reconfiguration and I realised that I was assuming that he wasn't a virgin. How could someone who is so good with their mouth and their hands possibly be a virgin? So I asked him, and his response was, "technically."


Gentleman M made me orgasm.

Can you believe this? He made me orgasm. L made me orgasm but that was entirely accidental. Gentleman M did it willingly, and confidently, and consistently. Over the weekend his hands were all over me all the time. I felt so fulfilled, so wanted, at all times, and felt things were a little unbalanced. His hand would caress my breast, would stroke the small of my back, would squeeze my upper thigh before then squeezing my ass. And my hands would be in his hair, or on his neck, or stroking his back and I admit there was a feeling of loss, a little. As a woman I'm conscious of all these zones, erogenous zones, sensitive places and calm me and I get lost in. Facing a man where it's all encompassed within his cock, his balls, his perineum. I wish to know how I can get him to feel how I feel.

I'm very much a hands in the hair person. All the time. I don't understand why but I like it. There's something relaxing, revitalising, out of one's control with the sensors at the back of the head. Against the scalp, in the neck, behind the ears, in the ears.

So back to my point. Though my point stems from other points of thought that I want to mention. Like the size of his cock. I don't think it's long but I can't tell as it and I have not yet gotten fully acquainted with besides with my hand. But I think it's longer than I anticipate it to be. Either way it gets hard. And when I say hard I mean it becomes like a steel rod.


The first time his hands went wandering down south I opened my legs and allowed him to explore. And then his fingers slipped inside me and I wanted to cum. So I reached down and lead his fingers to that little area above my clit,to that vein, and helped him and I'm sure he was getting tired and so I ended up taking over and his fingers were on my own as I pulled myself up to a climax.


The second time was new, and interesting. He had touched on something, he was learning very quickly, his fingers circling around my clit but never directly touching it. Again, I ask, this man has never been sexually involved with anyone?? He knows exactly how to touch me. He knows how to make me react so that my hips move forward and I push up against him and mouth overcomes his. I took his hand and urged it down. Down past my clit and then his fingers were inside me. Two, three of them. And his knee had hitched up between my legs. And his hand was down on his thigh. And then I was literally riding his fingers. Pushing myself down onto him as if they were one singular unit, his cock. I was fucking him, yet not. I could feel him all the way deep inside me and I reached down again and wanted to make myself cum.

I can't help myself. And I won't make excuses. A part of me wants to say sorry, but why?

I came very quickly. I was soaking wet, as Gentleman M put it. I could hear his fingers slipping up inside me. My cunt clenched and I was rolling along into an orgasm. I had to keep myself as quiet as possible since I had friends who had stayed over and they were just in the next room. But I don't think I did a very good job. Gasping, unable to breathe, curling up into Gentleman M as my body shuddered and I came on his fingers. I slowed down but it wasn't for a long time. Thirty seconds later I put my fingers back on my clit and it wasn't ten seconds later and I was an entity of explosions again. Of spirit and total physical being. Everything inside me awake, alert, conscious.

I don't know if he was surprised that I came again so quickly. He took a while to pull out after the first orgasm, which is why I took the opportunity after I came down to drive myself again. I've climbed myself to eight, or nine, orgasms before. But never with someone else.

It's so hot when he pulls his fingers outside of me and sucks them.


Orgasm number three was all him. Oh bless his able fingers. I reached down and caressed him, held him, wrapped my fingers around his cock. I diverted a couple of times and loved it when he took my hand and guided it back to his erect hardness. It's nice to guess, sometimes, but when someone internally says, "Oh God, just touch me here," it's so hot. So I pulled at him slowly, and I pulled at him quickly, and demandingly and as best I could. My arm got tired but trust me I gave it a good workout and kept on going. I almost cramped there at one stage but his pleasure is more important than my pain.

Then his hand was on me, down between my legs, touching me through my shorts. And then they were under my shorts. And he was kissing me so insistently; body tense and my muscles holding me together or I'd fall apart and liquefy. His fingers dipped into me a little, but then were back around my clit working away. He was determined. Many other men have been determined, and women. And no one has been successful. It was too long until it was numb, or too short, or ouch I was so sensitive or they just didn't touch me in the right place. He was right on it from the beginning, and then he was on it even faster and I had to urge him to place a little bit of pressure but suddenly I realised I was going to cum.

It's great when you pick up on it, like a drug. A burst of adrenaline. My arm suddenly doubled it's efforts though it was tiring a lot and I heard him moaning. Groaning in my ear. Hips pushing forward into my hand. I couldn't concentrate because his fingers were so quick on me.

His lips were on my neck. And they weren't like his lips before, how they had been on my neck. He'd kissed me very softly and gently but now he latched on and sucked. It was hard, even painful for a second but I loved it. In the sharp pain there's an ooze of pleasure. His cock is so hard. I've never felt a cock so hard before. I had one arm wrapped around his neck because I couldn't let him go; I couldn't have him pull away from my neck when he was like a power adapter into a socket.

And then I came. And his voice was so loud [this time, my friends had gone home so he was as loud as he wanted to be]. His breath in my ear. My pussy clenching and I'm rocketing. And he's coming with me. The whole way, he pushing up into my hand and he ejaculates onto the bed, on to my thigh, into my hand. Our cries are actually combined.


I can't believe he made me cum. I can't believe how hard he is when he has an erection. I can't believe he's a virgin- but I want it. I want him to be a virgin. It adds a new level of experience to our relationship. I can't, and won't, just give myself up to him and he's not asking me to. We are able to be intimate and have amazing, hot, sexual fun without him needing to penetrate me with his cock. And if and when he does it will be again on that next level. If he choses me I want him to do it for the right reasons. I want it to be amazing for the both of us.

This sex journal has just entered a new dimension. The dimension where sex means something between the Lady and her lover. Where he doesn't wake up and disappear home. Where he doesn't say, "Thanks, see you next time," and where she is allowed to feel something afterward. It is a meeting of two people. I want my hands on him always. I love it that he has his hands on me, always. The Lady may be getting soppy but sex is that connection.


Then there are those moments where you aren't soppy but it is just really hot. That when we were making out for the first time he came, in his pants, without me touching him at all. I wish I knew how to do that again. I've no idea what I did initially.

Gentleman M is going to make this journal a whole lot more interesting. Especially when he mentioned he was happy for me to tutor him. He obviously has no idea what's in store for him. No, I'm not into torture or knives or putting my fist into his behind orifice. However I am happy to introduce him to the fact he might be turned on with a cock, or a vibrator in his ass. To fuck me with my hands cuffed behind my back, and a blindfold over my eyes. For me to experiment on different techniques with my mouth around his cock. That he could take me in my behind, with my body pressed up against a wall and his cock searching for the bud of my anus. So far all our experiments will be intercourse free, and I like it.
satisfied satisfied
* * *
I had another wet dream yesterday. I'm pretty sure M was in it. This is a good thing.

The other day he was here, we were up until after dawn and then rolled into bed exhausted and wishing to be beside each other. Or, at least I beside him. His mouth. Oh please, his mouth. Thank you our Lord for people who can use their mouth to a most advantageous effort.

He's bigger than what I'm usually accustomed to. And no, I don't meant length. I haven't had an opportunity yet. I want to stretch this out. But as a physical build he is bigger and I love it. He's bigger than me, stronger than me no doubt, taller than me. And when he uses his tongue to kiss me I truly feel erotic. My mouth open, tongue reaching out to his, tips touching and tenderly caressing each other; the effect of one's shallow and uncontrolled breathing is sometimes all I need.

I had to desperately control myself and I still feel that I couldn't latch my mouth shut. Making even the smallest of comments, and gyrating my hips against him and hooking my leg around him. When I started kissing him, I couldn't stop. I could not stop. And then his hand came up over my shirt, finding my nipple and very softly teasing it. No force, no insistence. Just a teasing sensation of chills in my body. Good chills, filling up my blood cells and my veins and my nerves.

In hindsight I really do have to ask how the hell did I stop myself?
* * *
I'm at a friend's place, wishing I had a nice cock inside of me. It's something different saying this when my friend is right beside me on the couch, laying down, and she could see this at any time. Or my other friend, her brother, is on the phone.

They could come over and see that right now I could want some cock. I could want it bad. I could want to sleep on a spare mattress in the lounge and wait for some young gent to climb slowly on top of me, under the sheets and want to enter me. A sigh in my ear, a whisper, and then ejaculation.

* * *
* * *
Oh, my dear delicious gents darknessguard01 and tsuji_kiri.

Oh i don't want to leave you but I must.

We were getting so close, too.

One in the puckered hole of my anus, the other taking control of my mouth. And tsuji_kiri, it would have been you on the bed, me above you, and darknessguard01 behind me.

*sigh* I hate it when Real Life interferes. I do wish to dedicate myself to both of you right now.
* * *
Last night at work I was thinking about B.

I thought about being on his lap. On my lounge. Skirt hitched up. He has a flickering tension on his face. At first he feels me around him and the swelling is building up in his cock. I don't rock, don't move. Just watch him.

It's a short, deep shift with my hips and I engulf all his length inside me. Eyes closed and his mouth opens. "Oh," a small, quick sound in his throat. Feeling his entire shaft up inside me. Pressing on that delicious spot as I swivel around a little. He's big for me. I like it. He can feel every soft spot, every squeeze or cinch of my cunt around him.

I have my period now. I'd have to settle for anal. That's not a bad thing. I wonder if B would be the willing sort.


Thankyou to whom said they would fuck me, in my previous post. I am entirely flattered and would be a much willing candidate.

* * *
Thankyou to darknessguard01


Fuck or Pass Game

There is at least one person on your friends list that wants to fuck the hell out of you.

So lets play the Fuck or Pass game.

The rules are simple.

If you want to fuck the person who posts this, send him or her a reply saying "I'd Fuck you."
But, you have to post this in your journal, in exchange.
And marvel at the replies.

Comments are screened.

* * *
I'm sorry. I have missed so many of you. Also 40kfilms is gone. This is definitely disappointing, as I loved the classically erotic icons that I could use for my journal.

However, in shaving away the old it leaves room for someone new to reach out and touch me. So welcome to all the new readers and I hope you enjoy my entries, my experiences.

these7ensins [what does your username mean, by the way? I may not be reading it correctly. I get confused.] posted pictures. I won't show them- you'll have to visit her journal and see- but trust me. They're worth it. They're... confusing in an entirely erotic and logical sort of way. Although some of the cocks are large and supposed to be disproportionate, it would be a wild fantasy to be with a woman like that.

One of my great fantasies is to be with a man who would not so much volunteer to have a cock inside his ass while he was doing me, but eventually could only give into it and cum inside me. These pictures create a whole new idea.

A woman who could fuck me, and have a cock slipped into her, at the same time. Or, God, even if I could be her. Pulling up some leather straps around my thighs and holding a plastic cock in front of me. Bending down and entering her. I would love to see her face. Tension and bliss. A release of all muscular stress until she liquifies under me. Pushing gently in and out.

And then he would come in behind me and slip his cock inside. So as I entered her, so he did me. A rolling repetition of movement. Pushing the head of my warm cock deep inside her and watching her flinch while unable to keep the noise from escaping my throat as he pushes his cock deeper inside me. And holds it there, with a small shift forward of his hips to make sure I'm absolutely impaled.

We could all come to orgasm. I'd get feisty on her. Hold her hands above her head and press my breasts down into hers to make sure she was feeling the entire length of the cock latched on me. Even if she struggled for me to slow down she couldn't. And he would get faster. The muscles between my legs clenching and drawing him in each time. In the air there's the sound of wetness and movement. It's all spiraling out of control with his weight baring down on me and me on her. Parting my buttocks to watch his cock drive all the way into me and pull out, all my wetness glistening on him and then driving in again. He might even place a single finger on the bud of my ass. It's so tender, and sensitive, and causes my cunt to twitch before clamping down on him.

My hips pushing forward with her hands running down my back to pull me in deeper. I take her wrists again and pin them underneath her. Her body is a victim, though willing. But she has no power, she is helpless.

And he leans down and wraps his hands around my shoulders. As I pull out of her he plunges deep into me. Orgasms all around. Quivering and shaking. And knowing me I can't keep my voice down and I'm yelling down into her shoulder and she's calling up to the ceiling. Nails dragging down my back. Our bodies locked as we're rocketed through the sensations. His grunting, and moaning, and release in his voice is like his orgasm. Slow and drawn out. I can feel his cock pulsating inside me, twitching as he releases his cum.

Yes. Having a cock would be great.
* * *
P came over on Friday. We sort of flirted but she wants to be single and I don't like pointless sex so I did my best to stay clear.

In the morning I was doing well. Keeping my distance. Sort of apathetic about it all. Then we cuddled, and then she ran her hand down my back. I warned her not to do that as it was a turn on. I don't know why it was a turn on. I'd never recognized it as a turn on before. I was on my back and she was on top of me, partially, and then her hand came up behind me and sort of just caressed my back. But it was like she was pulling me into her. Not pulling though, simply caressing, but my body reacted. I pulled myself into her anyway. Arched myself, had to take a long deep breath.

Of course P teased me until I kissed her. I'm not usually the first one to kiss. Actually I seem to have a distance about it, sort of. I refuse to kiss someone who I don't want to intentionally kiss in a sort of "it's out of my responsibility" way. But this time I did. She has a small, puckered mouth. And a lip ring, and a tongue ring. I recall sucking her tongue and she reacted. Though whether it was a positive response or not I don't really know. When someone half jumps, mentally saying "oh!"

And then she put her hand on my breast, and teased my nipple. Straddled my leg and started grinding away. Things got pretty hot and heavy there. Hair everywhere, kissing, hands up each other's shirts.

I stopped her as she had to go and I didn't want to keep it on if she was going to have to stop mid way in the midst of putting my fingers inside of her trying to bring her to orgasm.

So she went on her way, though not without difficulty on her part. She continued to kiss me, and hold me close, until finally she forced herself to leave.

I almost had sex. I was horny. I was turned on. But when she was kissing me, I was reacting like I was muffled. But I obviously didn't know how horny until I visited the ladies room. I was almost so wet I was dripping. I was so wet and slippery. The smell was all over me when I opened my legs. A very tangy yet still a sweet smell. Almost overpowering.

Ah, lesbianism.
apathetic apathetic
* * *
* * *

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