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Lady · Nanette

A first for everyone.

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Gentleman M and I made love for the first time yesterday.

The weekend was amazing.

Sunday he was lying on the couch and I couldn't help but climb on top of him and cuddle him for a little. He pressed his mouth against mine, we kissed very luxuriously. He kisses slowly at first with his lips encompassing my own and then there will be bursts of passion and he will jump up and his tongue slides deep into my mouth.

At first we were talking, laughing. There's always a joke about how I'll take advantage of him when he's sleeping, or vice versa. Our fantasies are an undercurrent, not quite courageous enough to peek out but tickling our conversations.

Then we're kissing again and his hand grabs my ass and squeezes. I love it when his hand holds me there, and pulls me in, and holds me tight. Then I was grinding myself against his thigh. I could feel his leg connecting with my clit, several jolts of electricity burst through me. My knee is between his legs and is gently nudging his crotch as I pushing myself back and forth slowly but after a while I'm not really paying attention.

I grind myself down into his thigh. I'm not aware of how he feels at this point except that look on his face that makes a small explosion happen in my chest. A half smile, like he can't really believe it's happening, and his eyes are watching me.

My hands cling to the back of the couch. I demand the rigidity of his leg, I'm almost breaking out in a sweat, his hand comes up to cup my breast under my short black dress. When he plays with my nipples I'm always almost certain that I could orgasm if he tweaked me a certain way. I'm moaning, and breathing heavily, and pushing myself back and forth on his leg.

So often I come so close to orgasming. I can't believe it's happening, really. I've made myself cum before by rubbing myself against a pillow but never simply by rubbing myself up against someone.

I'm being awfully brutal to my pussy by this time. As I thrust myself time and again against his leg I'm bruising myself. I can't stop. I must keep going. His hand is clasping my ass tightly and then up onto my breast again. The way he teases me causes me to lean my chest down into him. I'm breathing heavily against his neck. Oh God, there it is.

I slow myself down. I don't need to rigorously shove myself down onto him but simple slow, regular strokes pulls me right up into my orgasm. My hands are pushing against the back of the couch. I moan into his chest. Sweat on my brow. My entire body tense and I can feel the hardness of his cock pressing against my thigh. My clit is rubbing directly into his leg. The friction is finally too much. My cunt is so wet. It clenches tightly.

I yell into his chest. I'm grinding harder as I rocket up into a climax. My body shakes. All the nerves in my pussy explode, tingling, seizing. I'm twitching for a good while afterward.

I've gripped him tightly and try and catch my breath. His smile is now right across his face. Amazed.
"You are so fucking hot," he says. Whenever he says that a shiver of bliss penetrates me.

I've never cum on someone like that. Not without ever having to touch myself.
Then again no one else has ever made me cum as he has. Ever time he reaches down between my legs, and now he has learned how much I love it when he slides his fingers deep into me. And encircles my clit with his finger I come hard, and fast.

When we had sex on Monday I've never come so close to orgasming while having sex, without needing to touch myself, before. Things are only going to get better from here.
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On September 2nd, 2008 09:25 am (UTC), curlewbay commented:
you are wonderful
he is very very lucky --
and i get the feeling you too
it's wonderful to follow this story, thank you for sharing it.
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